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Put the Colour back into Faded Leather

We can revitalise worn, faded or sunbleached leather by applying specially coloured dyes to achieve the desired result. This process depends on the type of leather and the type of protective coating.

Aniline leather is the best type of leather for applying colour as it does not have the protective coating that ‘pigmented’ leather has. Protected or Pigmented leather has a lacquer finish whereas aniline leather could be described as porous as it does not have the protective finish and therefore has a high absorbency rate. Aniline leather is particularly prone to fading especially if kept in direct sunlight. Sometimes even cleaning using the wrong leather cleaning products can remove the color. It is important to understand the type of leather you are dealing with before attempting any maintenance procedures.

We can transform your aniline leather furniture by applying colour to faded ‘white’ areas, working the colour throughout. Aniline restoration is a process to infuse the colour back into leather.

We test the color mix by applying to a discreet area e.g under a cushion or on the rear of the item. Following the colour infusion process we apply a protector which seals in the colour and prolongs the life of your leather.

Call us for general advice on colour restoration and we can explain how we can help.

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Look After your Leather Items
Please don’t be tempted to use household cleaning products on your leather furniture, they will damage the leather finish and eventually ruin it. Do carry out a regular maintenance regime on your leather furniture, sometimes just even a wipe with a damp cloth can do the trick.
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